I came to Jane for some help with balancing my hormones and also calming my acne and i have experienced some amazing results. in general i feel healthier and more balanced and the negative symptoms I was experiencing have reduced greatly. Jane is a wonderful and warm person and i really enjoy my treatments with her.

V.S - 04/01/2020

" First time having reflexology, a lovely experience with Jane who is very knowledgeable and supportive. Jane was recommended to me, and I would happily recommend her to others"

FB - 18/03/2020

"After three rounds of ankle surgery and ongoing lack of mobility despite stretching and physiotherapy I turned to reflexology in hope that it might alleviate some of the pain and stiffness. After a single session, the feeling in my ankle was incredible with a reduction in background pain and immediate increase in mobility that was only possible with extensive inflamation treatment and physiotherapy. With regular sessions moving from weekly to 6 week intervals, this mobility became more perminent, opening up the opportunity to increase physical exercise allowing me to run 7 miles or ride 25 miles without discomfort. In parrallel the treatment has also eased a longstanding upper back issue and is generally very pleasant and relaxing. Jane has really made a difference to two specific areas of pain and whilst I do not understand how it works, I am definitely a believer in how worthwhile it is. Thank you! "

M.F. - 10/01/2020

"Jane is a friendly and very skilled therapist. I had not had reflexology before so she took the time to explain exactly how reflexology works and what to expect from the sessions. She also discussed with me in detail why I had made an appointment to see her so that she could make sure that the treatment was tailored to my needs. After 6 months of treatment the change has been amazing, I am now having maintenance treatments which I really look forward too, these sessions are a totally relaxing oasis of calm is a very busy world."

A.S. - 06/05/2019


"I came with 2 specific problems which I had been using conventional treatments, These were pain in my shoulder muscle and my voice failing me while singing in choir. I initially had fortnightly treatments, my shoulder pain responded very quickly and I am no longer troubled with pain in my shoulder. My voice is also improving and I am now having monthly reflexology for maintenance and wellbeing."

KE - 01/04/2019

" I have been Jane's client now for 7 years and having had reflexology in the past I can honestly say she is the best therapist I've ever had. I come away from her sessions feeling both energised and relaxed and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone."


" I must admit I had been sceptical about reflexology and the benefits that treatments could provide. However after developing a back problem I sought treatment from Jane and was pleasantly surprised at both how relaxing the delivery of the treatment was and the immediate positive effects it had on easing the problem with my back. I had further treatments and am pleased to confirm that the issue has gone, although I anticipate having a regular treatment to ensure no re-occurance of the problem.


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